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The films

“God Saw That It Was Good” weaves stunning visual imagery with a narrative entwining science and faith, taking people deeper in the wonder, mystery and meaning of the world. Looking in fresh ways at our rich, full, and yet fragile world. One that gives us life and in which our lives are woven perhaps more that we know. Even entwined with the playfulness and being of God. So, come and join the journey. Looking at our world. And, maybe, beyond it.

Similar in style to popular science and nature programmes in the media, the “God Saw That It Was Good” films can be used in faith communities as well as to connect with local communities and schools. It can be used with both large and small groups alongside a downloadable resource with people who have just begun to explore their spiritual journey or those who want to go deeper in understanding God’s invitation to share in caring for creation.

The films are a collaboration between the BUEN – The Baptist Union Environment Network – and Fuelcast Media, funded by a grant from Scientists in Congregations.

Supporting BUEN And “God Saw That It Was Good”

“God Saw That It Was Good” is free to view and download. If you have been inspired by the films, we would be grateful if you could leave a gift to support the development of future resources and the wider work of BUEN. Thank you.

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