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Introducing Dave Gregory

Dave is the writer and presenter of the “God Saw That It Was Good” series. A Baptist minister with a background in scientific research, he now works as a Missioner in Science and Environment. He is an experienced science-faith communicator, working with families, schools, churches, and theological colleges.

Dave has a doctorate in atmospheric physics from Imperial College and a masters in applied theology from Oxford University. He worked in weather and climate research at the Met Office, Hadley Centre, and European Weather Centre. He has pastored churches in Milton Keynes and Croxley Green in Hertfordshire and was Baptist Union President for 2018-19.

Supporting BUEN And “God Saw That It Was Good”

“God Saw That It Was Good” is free to view and download. If you have been inspired by the films, we would be grateful if you could leave a gift to support the development of future resources and the wider work of BUEN. Thank you.

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