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Revd Prof David Wilkinson

St John’s College, Durham University and Director “Equipping Christian Leaders in an Age of Science”

The power of the visual is key to science, theology, and environmental action … these films engage both heart and mind in a transformative way both for individuals and groups. They provoke both wonder and a call to action in an accessible and joyous journey.

Michael Harvey

Missional Entrepreneur, Director “God and the Big Bang”

… a beautifully filmed look at the natural world, bringing together God’s works and word. These … films … will inspire people to find even more of the wow of God’s creation.

Ruth Bancewicz

Church Engagement Director, The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion

Beautifully produced and thought-provoking, sharing the wonders of creation as revealed by science and reflecting biblically on our place in it ... their overall message is one of inspiration and hope.

Dr Martin Hodson

Principal Tutor of Christian Rural and Environmental Studies (CRES)

As climate change becomes more and more evident … the wonderful imagery of these excellent films connecting science and biblical insights will inform, inspire and challenge people to act.

Laura-Lee Lovering

BMS World Mission Creation Care Lead

This film series is something of a rare find, a weaving of science, poetry, the art of nature and Christian theology. For those who want to … deepen their scientific understanding of the world we live in and the perils it is facing, and … do so … without leaving their Christian faith at the door, this series is for you.

Dr Celia Deane-Drummond

Director, Laudato Si' Research Institute, based at Campion Hall, University of Oxford

These films are bound to inspire viewers to perceive the world differently, as a wondrous creation in which humans are called to be both playful in and have communion with the natural world around them. Dave Gregory's informative commentary combines serious science with pointers to deep biblically grounded faith traditions in a way that is easy to digest and absorb.

Nicky Bull

Chair, Operation Noah, 2015-20

A beautifully illustrated and coherent account of the interplay between science and religious faith … celebrating the wonders of the natural world and offering insights into humanity's role in contributing to the problems of biodiversity loss and climate change ... with a message that is celebratory, uplifting, encouraging and challenging.

Rev Diane Watts

Team Leader of Faith and Society, Baptist Union of Great Britain

These films enable a wider view of our world … a profound understanding of the challenges facing humanity in our interaction all aspects of our world today and they provide a marvellous springboard for action and further study.

Andy Atkins

CEO of A Rocha UK

At a time of ecological breakdown, there is a profound and urgent need to remind ourselves of the extraordinary wonder of God's creation, and to act to heal, not harm it, as part of our discipleship of Jesus. God Saw that It Was Good, could not be more timely as a spur to wonder, reflection, repentance and action by Christians.

Helen Stephens

Head of Eco Church programme, A Rocha UK

These wonderfully holistic films are a science-led, visually stunning, and passionate delivery of a story of God's world. Dave Gregory brings all his science and theology practice and knowledge to bear but in a way that every person in church or on the street can understand … giving into the unique design of planet Earth and highlighting how out of step our journey has become with that of creation.

Dr Ruth Valerio

Global Advocacy and Influencing Director, Tearfund

Climate change is clearly impacting both people and the wider community of life that we share the Earth with. These stunning and insightful films will raise awareness and inspire people to take steps to bring justice to people and to the whole Earth.

Supporting BUEN And “God Saw That It Was Good”

“God Saw That It Was Good” is free to view and download. If you have been inspired by the films, we would be grateful if you could leave a gift to support the development of future resources and the wider work of BUEN. Thank you.

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