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If your viewing location does not have a good internet connection, making streaming the films from YouTube difficult, you can download them from here in advance, and play them locally. Both subtitled and un-subtitled versions are available.


Exploring the wonder, playfulness, and communion of the coasts. Looking for glimpses of God and listening for a call to care for creation through the interplay of land, sea, and sky that science reveals.



Looking at the playful, ever-changing wonder of the sky, shaping the environment of the Earth and our lives. How science reveals that small changes can have massive impacts, calling humanity to humility, together with an invitation to share with God in seeking goodness for the Earth.


Journeying across the planet of the trees, among whom we make our home. A global community that has been sustaining the climate of the Earth far longer than our human journey. What might we learn from trees of God’s invitation to share in sustaining their and our future


Travelling through the playful, epic, and tragic story of the emergence of life on Earth. Glimpsing the presence and action of God in its wonder, playfulness, and communion, inviting us to play our part within the purposes of God in an age of climate change.

Supporting BUEN And “God Saw That It Was Good”

“God Saw That It Was Good” is free to view and download. If you have been inspired by the films, we would be grateful if you could leave a gift to support the development of future resources and the wider work of BUEN. Thank you.

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